Oslo Beer Week på Smelteverket

Oslo Beer Week på Smelteverket

Pressemelding fra Smelteverket:

The second week of June this year in Oslo is all about beer and what accompanies its presence: Drinking, tasting, eating, brewing, grooving… And Smelteverket is of course, part of all this.

So here it is:

Tuesday 11th
19:00 – Quiz sponsored by Radegast
Brush up your knowledge about general facts, beer, food, cocktails and music! The entrance is free, and exciting prizes await you!!!

Wednesday 12th
19.00 Food & Beer Course 600NOK sponsored by Radegast
1-hour course on how to pair food with beer… You know that will prove useful.

Thursday 13th
22:00 Traffic Jam LIVE!!!
Blues overdrive on Smelteverket’s live stage (or ‘corner’, if you will…)

Friday 14th
(all day till 22:00) Beer Flight Course
Get your Beer Flight Beer Course at Smelteverket, and enjoy our own selection of snits together with educating information! Special package price for the day!
22:00 – Dj Duarte Mayer
Behind the decks w/ his grooves!

Saturday 15th
19:00 The Shoeshine Boys LIVE!!!
Our favorite jazz ensemble comes to take up our live corner for an intimate (it’s amazing how many can fit in our stage space), loud, uplifting, swinging gig!
22:00 Kasper behind the decks!
You loved it last time, so now he’s back for more… soulful beats & r’n’b just for you ☺



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